Our Team

We are Byte to IT!
We’re a tight-knit team delivering creative solutions to your challenges.

Front-End Developer / Designer

Oh Hey! My name is Bruno Paes, over the years, people have called me a motion designer, graphic designer, web designer and front end developer. I’ve worked with NPO’s, startups, scaling companies and big international companies. I’ve worked on websites, apps, and posters. To me, it’s all the same. It’s understanding the problem and finding a creative way to solve it.

In my free time i like to homebrew some beer and come up with new recipes.

Full stack Developer / Wizard

Ex-Archaeologist-turned-developer, my main drive when developing is to help people and companies put ideas into practice – no matter how crazy.

Being a dad is a time consuming affair so in the little spare time that’s left I love being with the rest of my family and friends, drinking some beer and playing some games.

UX Designer / Illustrator

Fashion designer interested in technologies, as a UX Designer what thrills me the most is to systematize the ideas and knowledge of the people I work with to produce clear, practical and, above all, UX-centric mockups that help visualize and give projects their shape.

I love swimming, playing boardgames, drawing and being with my family and friends.